Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation Centers

The population of the United States is aging. Approximately 15,000 nursing homes/rehabilitation facilities now exist across the nation. An elder citizen has a one-in-four chance of spending at least some time in one of these facilities. Furthermore, anyone over twenty-one years old may find themselves in one when needing short-term rehabilitation after a serious medical occurrence.

Nursing homes represent billions of dollars in potential profits reimbursed by government and insurance programs, a fact that has attracted individual owners and investor-backed corporations eager for financial gain. This drive for earnings often leads to shorthanded and poorly trained staff, which negatively impacts patient care.

This insightful examination of the limitations of the current nursing home environment provides the information you need to be a more effective advocate and informed health care consumer for yourself and your aging family members.

This book contains need-to-know information such as nursing home procedures, descriptions of the duties and qualifications of staff members from CNAs to RNs to Administrators, and true stories about how decisions in some nursing homes can be based more on government payment rules than on patients’ needs. This book’s contents will better equip readers to handle the problems that they may encounter if they have a loved one in a nursing home now or they discover in the future that a loved one needs a nursing home. An exposé, the book provides a rare insight into the nursing home industry through the eyes of a compassionate person who has practiced her profession and advocated for patients inside the walls of more than 40 nursing homes. I am speaking as someone who has first-hand experience as the son of an ill-fated nursing home patient. I filed a lawsuit and a complaint with a state health department about the treatment of my mother, and I did years of research about the government oversight system for nursing homes. Based on my experience writing a book about nursing homes, I can heartily recommend Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation Centers.

William J. Beerman, Sr.