Phyllis is known as “The Voice for Eldercare Advocacy”. She is an eldercare consultant, advocate, speaker, and speech & language pathologist who brings an insider’s view into the nursing home industry after working in 40+skilled nursing/short-term rehabilitation facilities for over 25 years. 


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Family & Individual Consulting

Phyllis helps individuals and families develop strategies for making informed decisions as they embark on seeking care for short-term rehabilitation or a long-term stay. Click here to download her reference guide with 10 tips on seeking a nursing home.

She provides coaching on an individual’s rights, the ins-and-outs of what to look for, the questions to ask, and how to resolve problem situations.

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Phyllis is a keynote and breakout session speaker on empathy and communication, caregiving, cultural diversity, and the importance of dignified care and life with purpose for our elder citizens. 

Phyllis’s passion and unique perspective for her subject matter comes bubbling through during her presentation. It challenges and inspires her audience to think in ways they haven’t thought about on the topics related to Eldercare in America. Phyllis blends her professional expertise, knowledge and wealth of personal experiences in a way that are not tag lines but lend credibility and sincerity to her presentation. Her unique perspective based on her work experience brings tremendous value to anyone fortunate enough to hear her speak. Her presentation was very well received at our event and we look forward to having her back again.


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Rubina Chaudhary, MBA

Director/President, Olive Community Services Inc.

Webinars, TV & Radio

Phyllis conducts Webinar Training sessions on topics related to caregiving, empathy and communication, Alzheimer’s Disease/ Dementia and memory care, nursing homes and cultural diversity.

She is also available for radio & TV interviews.