There is a difference between the many homes that walk the walk, working hard every day to provide the best possible experience for their residents, and those that talk about great care, but don’t prioritize investing in the people and processes that assure it. Hopefully, “Overdue: Quality Care for Our Elder Citizens” will prompt a spirited public discussion that will lead to a society that assures every person has the long-term care experience we would all expect for ourselves and our families. I recommend this book highly not only for families, but also for inclusion as part of health care education for our young people.

Dan Cohen, MSW Executive Director Music & Memory www.musicandmemory.org

Phyllis was able to help our family understand important underlying issues and ask important questions of our father’s Nursing Home. Her knowledge, expertise and guidance helped us feel more confident to ask the right follow-up questions to ensure our father receives the best care. It was  clear that we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  Her input was extremely valuable.

Steve Spiro, Consultant/Mentor

I’ve known Phyllis Ayman, first as a student, then professional and colleague. She has never wavered in her steadfast commitment and passion for standing up and speaking out for what is right, even when it may have been unpopular.

Phyllis has always demonstrated high standards of care as a speech pathologist and continues to apply these standards and passion in her role as “The Voice for Eldercare Advocacy”. I believe her work will help change our current systems and lead the way to the badly needed improvements in our care for elder persons.

Suzanne Swope Ed.D.

To meet her is to know her is to love her. Why?
She is the one person who will fight for what she believes in…and she believes in being an advocate and a voice for our elders in order to create change and improve the way we care for those in need as they advance in years. Phyllis has been working in the Nursing Home industry most of her professional life; she has seen the best, but has also seen the deterioration of the system and the care provided. She has many great ideas that can be implemented which would improve the Long-Term Care living environment for today’s elders, and for us tomorrow. Phyllis is an important voice for eldercare advocacy; which is not only an important issue for us all, it is the morally right thing to do.

Proud of You Phyllis
Keep Rising

Joe Schirmer, Senior Advocate “Rise as One”

Phyllis Ayman’s engaging new book speaks wisely to all who would listen about the crisis surrounding the current health care system for the elderly in this country—a crisis looming ever larger on the horizon.

David L. Maxwell, PhD Professor Emeritus of Communication Sciences and Disorders